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Thread: Concatenation using formula issues

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    Default Concatenation using formula issues

    Hello all, I am using the following logic to concatenate the strings

    new_field = [street_s]&" "&[city_s]&" "&[zipCode_s]&" "&[country_s]

    If only one of them is null (e.g. [city_s] is null) new_field returns null as well! Doesn't concatenate the other 3 fields. Do you have any idea how to sort this out?


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    you can use calculator step to achieve this, use formula A+B+C in calculator.

    let us know if this works

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    I tried. It also returns an empty string if one of the fields is null. Do you have any other idea?
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    new_field = if(isna([street_s]);"";[street_s]) &" "& if(isna([city_s]);"";[city_s]) &" "& if(isna([zipCode_s]);"";[zipCode_s])&" "&if(isna([country_s]);"";[country_s])
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    Magic! Thanks!

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