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Thread: Pentaho BI Server Initialization Exception

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    Default Pentaho BI Server Initialization Exception

    Hello, I am trying to configure a database repo for a Pentaho 7.0 BI server and I struggling to fix the Error 0014 "Multiple listeners failed". Can anyone please help me in fixing the issues.

    Steps followed
    1) Hibernate was pointed to Postgres.
    2) By default, Quartz was pointed to Postgres
    3) JackRabbit was pointed to Postgres (7 places are updated and the default connection parameters were commented)
    4) content.xml was updated with quartz and hibernate connection pointing to Postgres
    5) Temp files are removed and SQL scripts are run with no change in Password / Usernames
    6) started the service
    Result: Error 0014

    Below actions were taken to fix the error
    1) Tested the database connections and there are working fine
    2) As per a post, I created a Table QRTZ in quartz database and started the server but still facing the same issue

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    I've seen that error when it appeared that the Pentaho service hadn't stopped properly. I never got a fix for it other than creating a new instance of Bi Server.

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