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Thread: JSON input parse different/ breaking from version 6.1 to 7.1

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    Default JSON input parse different/ breaking from version 6.1 to 7.1

    Hello there --

    I've upgraded versions recently from 6.1 to 7.1. I've noticed the JSON parse step breaking now.

    Not sure what could have changed between versions - I'm pretty sure "JSONquery" is fairly static and dated itself, so am a bit confused.

    The query parse language is $[*].[*].id' and $[*].[*]

    Essentially it's a combination of arrays that contain an equal amount of id fields and fields.

    For some reason the 7.1 version at least appears to be converting $[*] into possibly something funny. Why was the logic changed here in particular?

    If you want an example of each row being parsed, it's this:

    [{"id":"3023", "author":{"name":"twain"}, "field3":"blah"},
    {"id":"3025", "author":{"name":"bob"}, "field3":"blah"},
    {"id":"3055", "author":{"name":"kim"}, "field3":"blah"}]

    As you can see, due to the nature of "multi parse" JSON being needed for unequal leaves, this JSON starts as a "one item array" for each row.

    $[*] essentially identifies the '1 item array'.

    $[*].[*] says takes this 1 item array (the whole object) and take the sub objects in there. In this case, the {} entries.

    So not sure why this is breaking (worked fine in 6.1).

    It's saying $[*].[*].id is returning all id objects but $[*].[*] is only returning 5 or so (odd). The actual data is fully complete.

    I know I'll have to investigate in detail further myself, but what was the grand logic change in JSON parsing between 6.1 and 7.1? And why has Pentaho not solved this unequal leaf problem in JSON parsing yet? I've seen plugins come, and go. Explanations offered, rabbit holes chased down, and no solution presently exists other than using 2-3 JSON input steps, or some wild custom JavaScript.

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    Alright I figured it out about 5 minutes after posting. I'll leave it here anyway.

    Somewhere between 6.1 and 7.1, the logic was changed.

    It appears that the input [{"field":"value"}] is no longer considered a 1 item array (due to the outside []) but as just a giant object. Looks like $.[*].id works now instead of $[*].[*].id.

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