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Thread: Newbie, looking for sampledata H2 database

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    Default Newbie, looking for sampledata H2 database

    Hello experts,

    I am new to BI and Pentaho. Looking at Kettle 4.3.0 on a Windows 64 Bit system. So far, I found my way through a bunch of setup issues (Java, 9001 port conflict, etc.) but I believe that I am in the right direction: I have Spoon open and I am following the included tutorial (getting_started_with_pdi.pdf). I am at the Output step, where the tutorial calls for creating a new data source, using H2 type, JDBC, sampledata on localhost using port 9092 with username sa and without a password.

    This step fails and I have a feeling that this guide is mainly for EE customers as I cannot find the sampledata H2 database. Also the fact that the tutorial refers to an Installer and the Start menu in Windows, through me off at first as all I have done was unzip files and move them to the Program Files\Pentaho folder.

    Am I missing something? Any help locating the DB and info on where to place it once found would be appreciated.
    I already made a few connections to dev databases like SQL and SQlite but I believe that following the step-by-step guide is recommended for newcomers to BI.


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    I've experienced the same issue. I got around with output text file. Where you able to resolve the database issue?

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