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Thread: Spoon using only 3% of CPU but running slow!

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    Default Spoon using only 3% of CPU but running slow!

    Hi all,

    i have a very large input set of 60k row which is then used as an input to cartesian product with another set of 10k. It takes hours for spoon to perform that product and some other further steps.
    On another hand it is only using 3% of CPU!

    Can you advise if I can somehow make spoon to use more of the more memory/run faster?

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    Sometimes Join-Rows is a bad idea.

    Do you have any join conditions set or is it really 600,000,000 result rows you want to produce?
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    I have a few left outer joins after the cartesian product. Any idea?

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    Is there no way to preprocess some of your input? If you are really processing 600M rows every time, I think you are in a losing battle.

    You need to re-examine your flow/design if you can and possibly make any output re-usable for the next run.

    Without knowing a bit more, it's tough to help.
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    Wait, 600'000'000 rows? With how many columns? Even if you had a single column using just a java integer, that is 4 bytes per row. 600'000'000 rows multiplied by 4 = 2.2 GB per column!

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