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Thread: Generating a report is server goes much slower than in PRD

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    Default Generating a report is server goes much slower than in PRD

    Hello everyone:

    I have a report taht was made with PRD 3.8 and the migrated to version 7.1 with PRD Generating this report in PRD takes aproximately 40 seconds.

    I've made an spring-boot-aplication with pentaho-report-engine, using also version and generating the same report in the same machine takes aproximately between 7 and 9 minutes.

    The databse is postgresql and using same library version both in PRD and Tomcat.
    Tomcat version is 7.0.55.
    Connections to database are made via JNDI.

    Can use please help me figuring out which what is taking so long in the server?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Do you have parameters with list of values associated in your report? I found out that the BI Server when opening a report loads in memory/cache this values and soon the performance is degraded, so I had to reduce the number of List of values in the parameters. Try adding List of Values one at a time, to see how many you can add.
    OS: Ubuntu 16.04 64 bits
    Java: Openjdk 1.8.0_131
    Pentaho 6.1 CE

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