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Thread: Bar Chart With Trimmed X-Axis Labels

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    Unhappy Bar Chart With Trimmed X-Axis Labels

    hey guys
    I'm trying to implement this fiddle to trim x-axis labels, but my chart isn't rendered if I add the baseAxisLabel_text extension point.
    Does anybody have an idea what I'm doing wrong here?
    If I remove the extension point reference, the chart is rendered.


    var chart_grupo_data = {
              "resultset": [],
              "metadata": [{
                "colIndex": 0,
                "colType": "String",
                "colName": "Unidade"
                "colIndex": 1,
                "colType": "Numeric",
                "colName": "Qt Espera Menor 20min"
                "colIndex": 2,
                "colType": "Numeric",
                "colName": "Qt Espera Maior 20min"
    chart_grupo_data.resultset = eval(grupo_sparkline);
        new pvc.BarChart({
            canvas: 'chartEsperaUnidade',
            width:  800,
            height: 400,
            // Data source
            crosstabMode: true,
            // Interaction
            animate:    true,
            selectable: false,
            hoverable:  true,
            valuesOptimizeLegibility: true,
            valuesFont: 'lighter 11px "Roboto"',
            // Cartesian Axes
            baseAxisTicks: true,
            baseAxisTooltipAutoContent: 'summary',
            axisRule_strokeStyle: '#DDDDDD',
            baseAxisLabelSpacingMin: 1,
            baseAxisOverlappedLabelsMode: 'leave',
            extensionPoints: {
               baseAxisLabel_text: function(a) {
                var text = this.vars.tick.label;
                var panel = this.panel;
                var font = panel.font;
                var step = panel.scale.range().step;
                var spacingMin = panel._layoutInfo.textHeight *
                                 panel.labelSpacingMin /* em */;
                var availableSpace = step - spacingMin;
                return pvc.text.trimToWidthB(availableSpace, text, font, "..", false);
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