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Thread: Determining function of PDI steps

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    Default Determining function of PDI steps

    I have existing kettle jobs and transformations that I know nothing about what it does. I am tasked with figuring out what it does. I know that these jobs get variables from the initial job and pass on these variables which are mostly database connection parameters. There are several jobs which connect to a mysql database to fetch query results and does some things later.

    I want to debug this job step by step. I tried using the preview but it doesn't work since the connection variables come from the initial set of jobs.

    Please suggest how I can go about this task. I am a newbie to kettle


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    Use Edit>>Set Environment variables to assign the value you like to the variables before previewing.

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    Yes, you mainly get input from 3 places:

    -Variables (can be set easily during debug, or left empty to use default values)
    -System Variables (like DepButy mentioned above)
    -Result Rows, these can be debugged by joining in additional rows from a hard-coded generate rows step.

    Having tried to understand someone else's transformations and jobs and struggling with variable dependenices is one strong motivation to use less of it in your own development. Make transformations and jobs have as few dependencies as possible, and make the dependencies easily debugable.
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