I'm on a mac, and I couldn't just install Oracle (Oracle doesn't support mac), so I'm using it in a Docker container. It's happily running there, I can get to it via sqldeveloper. However, when I hook it up to sqldeveloper, I have to do it via sid. "SID = xe". I don't see how to do that from PRD. When I try and just get there, I get an error message:

ORA-12505, TNS:listener does not currently know of SID given in connect descriptor

Here is what I have for my Oracle JDBC dialog that is giving me that error:

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I'm running PRD version 7.1 and Oracle 12c.

I'm thinking this is a mac issue since I can't just run the db, but we *just* switched to oracle from mysql and I'm the first one trying to figure these kinds of things out. Eventually I'll parameterize the credential information and send it in through a PDI transform to a step that will run the report (which is working for mysql).

Thank you all kindly,