Hello all.

I am from Slovakia, I wouldn't be surprised if most of you haven't heard about it.

However, that causes me a troubles when it comes to reports. We need to have 3 (soon 4) language versions of each report: Slovak is main language, than, Polish and English.

Since pentaho does not support Polish nor Slovak, it is really pain for me to keep these localized.

What I do is:
# Create report in Slovak language
# Write down all phrases from report
# Send phrases to one of our partners to translate
# Create its copy in either pl/en directory
# Open it in Report Designer and edit every phrase accordingly
# Save as another language version

As you can imagine, the process is very time consuming, and error prone. Plus, every time I add new parameter to report or change its data source (which is BeanShell script), I need to do it in 3 separated files. As a result of this, language mutations are usually out of date, way behind main language version.

I have tried to automate it with OneSky and did a script that does 2 stages:

Stage 1:
# Change *.prpt files sufix to *.zip
# Extract phrases from files: ~/datadefinition.xml, ~/layout.xml, ~/styles.xml, ~/datasources/inline-ds.xml
# Put those phrases into *.po file
#Export *.po file into OneSky

Stage 2:

# Change *.prpt files sufix to *.zip
# Download translated *.po file from OneSky
# Run through ~/datadefinition.xml, ~/layout.xml, ~/styles.xml, ~/datasources/inline-ds.xml files and replace original phrases by translated

While this aproach works fine, it doe not translate everything. There are still flaws of this process. I need to go through it every time I do even slightest change in data source of report or fix small mistakes. Even if I just do a small six in SQL code, I need to do it in 3 files. That of course increases chance to mistake be made.

Soo, I was wondering, how are you guys solving this issue with translating of your reports?