Hi all,

Was anyone successful generating Excel files based on a template?

I was using Kettle Spoon to produce Excel files based on template. Got it working (with a couple issues) with Excel Output.

To solve said issues I tried switching to "Excel Writer" but more problems arised.

Attempting to solve these new problems, I downloaded and installed

First basic problem is, the template contents now appear on my excel file. (Template has 2 rows, my actual data should begin on a new file on row 1 but it begins on row 3 since 1 and 2 repeat the template contents)

Second basic problem, date type columns end up blank (have to convert them to string for them to show up but then I lose all date functionality in Excel)

None of these issues happened on 5.3 (I opened the exact same ktr in both versions)

I use Excel 2010. I work with XLS files with "Excel Output" and XLSX files with "Excel Writer". Both the template and the output file are the same Excel version.

Anyone else experienced this?

Thanks in advance!