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Thread: Requirements for new ETL-Tool.

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    Question Requirements for new ETL-Tool.

    Hello Community,

    i am looking for a free ETL Tool and found Pentaho Kettle.
    Now I want to compare this tool with my requirements.
    I know that a free tool cant fulfill all requirements but i need them to compare different Tools.
    For the following requirements I found no answers, so i hope you can help me
    Ist enough when you just answer with yes or no.

    Does the tool have:
    - a web Service connector
    - Version controle System
    - customize/build extensions
    - python Interface
    - regex parsing tool
    - good Debugging capabilities
    - ability to embed Code (for example Java)
    - data Quality & profiling capabilities?

    You would help me a lot!

    Thank You

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    yes - a web Service connector
    no, use version control like you would with any other source code (SVN, GIT...) - Version controle System
    yes - customize/build extensions
    no - python Interface
    yes - regex parsing tool
    yes and no (good in a single transformation, poor in whole system) - good Debugging capabilities
    yes - ability to embed Code (for example Java)
    yes - data Quality & profiling capabilities?

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    Thank you for your fast reply!
    This will help me to find the tool I need.
    And it seems that the tool fulfill most of the requirements, thats good.

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