I have a pentaho report that was working, using pentaho datasource. I had to re-do the PDI transformation so I was re-doing my report.

(That's another thing, why can't I just change a datasource for a subreport? I end up re-doing them - quite a bit)

Sorry. Continuing...

Now I cannot get the fields to show for a query. I have a transformation with about 5 db queries on it. They're fine. When I use the .ktr, I can "preview" and see all the correct data. However, when I try and use the query, I can't "select" it and have the fields show. I've tried a new report, which has worked for this in the past, but nothing is working. Here's what it looks like:

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You'll notice that the folder icon has a horizontal line through it. That's all that happens when you select that query. Trying to use it when you create a sub report, same thing.

I'm using PRD 7.1 and PDI 7.1 on a mac.

Thank you kindly for any guidance.