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Thread: Problems while connecting to Kettle-Repository via openvpn

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    Angry Problems while connecting to Kettle-Repository via openvpn

    Dear community,

    Device: MacBook Pro 2017 / High Sierra 10.13.1

    The problem is the following: Within my office-network (connected via ethernet), its no problem to connect to my kettle-repository via the data-integration tool. If i connect from home via openvpn to my office network, there is no possibility to connect to the same kettle-repository. The OpenVPN works totally fine, no problems with other network-storage-connections or everything. The strange thing about this is: The "connect" button in the right top corner doesnt appear if i'm connected via wifi/openvpn - with ethernet everything is fine.

    Is there any safety-settings like firewalls or whatever at kettle/spoon, that blocks my connection?

    I already searched within the forum, and tried this: - but it doesnt help.

    Actually I disconnected everything onto mac (Default firewall)

    Best regards
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