I am running PDI 7.0 on CentOS 7.4.1708. For my connections I define a jdbc.properties file in a directory on the server. The path of this directory is assigned to KETTLE_JNDI_ROOT in the shell script which calls kitchen.sh .
For an other tool it is required for another subdirectory to be present in the directory which contains the jdbc.properties file. This subdirectory contains a jdbc.properties file as well, only with placeholders. This file is meant to support our deployment automation tool.
My problem is that with both versions of jdbc.properties present, PDI consistently selects the on in the lowest directory, ie the one containing the placeholders. When removing this subdirectory PDI runs without a problem. So it seems that when the path to jdbc.properties is created Kettle looks for the file at the lowest point in the hierarchy.
On other servers in my organization we have used a similar setup, which worked without a problem. These servers are not configured differently from the one I work on.
Does this behaviour seem familiar, and how can I control how KETTLE_JNDI_ROOT picks a file in the directory it points to?