Hi, I'm successfully running User Defined Java Class on my PDI. Which is using 1 library from lib folder and 3 libraries from libext folder. I have also made changes in launcher.properties.

But I'm unable to run it on pentaho carte server and getting "org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleException: HTTP Status 500 - /pentaho-di/kettle/prepareExec/ - Internal Server Error". Error screenshot attached.Name:  Pentaho_Issue.jpg
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I have placed same libraries on /pdi_appl01/pentaho/pdi/server/data-integration-server/tomcat/lib and /pdi_appl01/pentaho/pdi/server/data-integration-server/tomcat/libext and restarted it.
Is there something that I need to change on server also, as I did for my PDI's launcher.properties or anything else ?

Usman Umer