I just create a button that make an SQL SELECT string. And I want to use a registered PDI Kettle transformation as datasource to execute it.

  1. how to pass my SQL string created in JS button to the parameter of my PDI Ketle transformation registered as datasource in CDE
  2. execute it in ajax
  3. get the result in json callback.

That I do :
a) My Pentaho PDI / Kettle transformation is here and registered in Pentaho CDE. I want to use :

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b) That’s the button and the begininng of the function : js button, js button in CDE, and the beginning of the code...

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..) How to do the excute this SQL SELECT statement passing by my datasource PDI (Kettle) registered as ktr_get_data, and result in callback (for create an excel for example) ?

Thanks for help.