I am checking is it possible to do the following requirement using Pentaho. I am new to Pentaho.

  • I have an events log document in MongoDB server and its large in size (more than 10 million records).
  • The front end website (Html, Javascript) now requires an analytic section for analyzing these event logs from MongoDB.

I would like to know following information

  • Does Pentaho can be used for displaying analytic charts (Graph, Pie Chart, Bar Graph...) and reports in my web site using the MongoDB records?
  • Is there any performance limitations? (Do we need to import to a RDBMS).
  • How my website display Pentaho analytics views? Or Is Pentaho only support their on clients?

Under Big Data Sources section from this URL https://help.pentaho.com/Documentation/7.1/0D0/160/000 MongoDB data source is not supported for few terms, so these doubts.

If there any solution or URLs pointing similar implementation please share.

Thanks in Advance