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Thread: Roles with Pentaho 7 and LDAP

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    Default Roles with Pentaho 7 and LDAP

    I have pentaho 7 on ubuntu 16 and I want the users registration to be through OpenLDAP. The pentaho server connects successfully with the directory. However, the roles are ignored.

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    This is the information that I have in OpenLDAP:

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    I can log in, but it seems that the roles doesn't match with the users.
    I have the file configured as follows:

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    The log file shows a few warnings like this: WARNING: A HTTP GET method, public void pt.webdetails.cpf.olap.OlapApi.getCubes(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse) throws,org.json.JSONException, MUST return a non-void type. (I attach the catalina.out log)
    Anyone know what can it be?
    Thanks and regards
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    I was able to establish the connection by changing the structure of LDAP. I follow the instructions from this post:

    I'm using OpenLDAP, but it works the same.


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