Hello Pentatho's users !

I have a question for you, I don't know if it is possible to back my chart "at line" when I resize my windows.

Let me explain with some pictures, it will be easier :

Now I have this :

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And I want to do this when i resize (smallest than before) my windows :

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So this is what I want :

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The goal is to use this Dashboard with a phone / computer / ect...

I already use a resize function but if the windows is very small like this it's impossible to read anything :

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I give u the resize function :

function resize() {

var myself = this;
// Set initial width to match the placeholder
myself.chartDefinition.width = myself.placeholder().width();

// Attach the resize handler only on the first execution of the chart component
if (!this.resizeHandlerAttached){

// Ensure render is only triggered after resize events have stopped
var debouncedResize = _.debounce(function(){

// Show chart again.

// Change chart width
myself.chartDefinition.width = myself.placeholder().width();
myself.render( myself.query.lastResults() );
}, 200);

// Attach resize handler

// Only trigger resize if the container has changed width
if ( myself.chartDefinition.width != myself.placeholder().width()){

// Temporarily hide chart so that overflow does not happen

// Trigger the resize with debounce

this.resizeHandlerAttached = true;


I give you my chart Property :

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So if someone who know good Pentaho can tell me if it's possible... Thank you a lot !

@johanhammink maybe