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Thread: Compare two streams and update one

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    Default Compare two streams and update one

    Hello everyone! I am new here, so take it easy

    Here is my situation... I have two streams with the same structure (columns) but different values, one coming from a database and other coming from a webservice (updated data). I would like to check if there is some difference between its rows, if so, I want to send the updated data (that one coming from the webservice) to a table output, but only the rows with different value.

    Do I made myself clear?

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    So sort them on the data keys, and send them to a "Merge Join" step
    That step will identify which rows are new, which ones are changed, and which ones are deleted.

    You could filter out the deleted rows, and send everything else to "Synchronize after merge" which will do the Insert or Update for you.

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