hi all, i am facing an issue with my community implementation of saiku.

problem: my data source keeps updating with latest data every hour & day. however, the latest day's and hour's data is not visible / not getting refreshed. so, i tried to solve this by flushing member cache. this helped me get the date members & hour members, however, the flow was not getting completed. i am getting error in-between as described below. so, i discontinued the member refresh approach and i am currently trying to refresh a region of the cache. but still, i am getting the below exception. can someone help?

Getting java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException from protected void flushNonUnion(CellRegion region) in CacheControlImpl implements CacheControl
Maven: pentaho:mondrian: (mondrian-

//ThinQuery tq
try {
SaikuCube cube = tq.getCube();
final OlapConnection con = olapDiscoverService.getNativeConnection(cube.getConnection());
RolapConnection rolapConnection = SaikuMondrianHelper.getMondrianConnection(con);
RolapSchema rolapSchema = rolapConnection.getSchema();
mondrian.olap.Cube[] cubes = rolapSchema.getCubes();
CacheControlImpl cacheControl = new CacheControlImpl(rolapConnection);

for (mondrian.olap.Cube cube1 : cubes) {
if (cube1.getName().equals(cube.getName())) {
SchemaReader schemaReader = cube1.getSchemaReader(null);
mondrian.olap.Member member =
schemaReader.getMemberByUniqueName(Id.Segment.toList("Time","Date","Date","2017-10-11"), true);

CacheControl.CellRegion measuresRegion =
CacheControl.CellRegion regionTimeQ2 =
cacheControl.createMemberRegion(member, true);
CacheControl.CellRegion regionOregonQ2 =
cacheControl.createCrossjoinRegion(measuresRegion, regionTimeQ2);
}catch (Exception e){

in the method
protected void flushNonUnion(CellRegion region) {
throw new UnsupportedOperationException();
//Here region is "Crossjoin(Member([Measures].[a], [Measures].[b], [Measures].[c], [Measures].[d],
[Measures].[e]), Member([Time].[Date].[2017-10-11]))"

why is this method throwing UnsupportedOperationException();
Is it because i am using community edition ?