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Thread: Using GIT as repository for Production

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    Question Using GIT as repository for Production

    Hi Forum, can anyone help me by giving insights of using PDI with GIT repository for development and production and why do Pentaho don't recommend to use file/database repository for production?
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    Hi, for starters let's not confuse source repositories like Git or SVN with repositories for the Kettle ETLs (file, database, "enterprise" repository on the server).
    My preferred setup is to use a file repository for development, because it's the only one which can be versioned with SVN. Database repo doesn't have any versioning, Enterprise repo has some basic version history but only in EE. Then it depends what you're doing next: on one project we ran Kitchen from the command line, so we used the file repo directly. In other projects we have a BI server which runs the jobs, so we deploy the .kjb and .ktr files into the repository via the REST API, where we can schedule them using the server's scheduler.

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