Hello forum,
I'm a new user of Pentaho CDE, working on my first dashboard and am trying to create a bar chart using a data set like the following (source is a MySQL database):
Vendors Est. Payout Act. Payout
Company 1 $10,000.00 $8,500.00
Company 2 $15,000.00 $14,500.00
Company 3 $100,000.00 $75,000.00

Vendors should be the X axis (category). Est. Payout and Act. Payout should be the Y axis (series). I expect the chart to look like this (created in Excel):
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When I attempt to create a similar chart in CDE, it looks like this:
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Or the chart does not appear except for the title and axis labels depending on how I set properties

I've been attempting to solve this by changing various properties of the bar chart, including:

  • Crosstab Mode
  • Series In Rows
  • Category Role
  • Series Role
  • Value Role

I do not understand why the amounts are not showing in the chart. Please help. Thanks!