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Thread: How to use parameters from an toher Dashboard

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    Default How to use parameters from an toher Dashboard

    Hello, I have a project with Pentaho, and I am stuck.

    I need to display some parameters (from previous dashboard) on an other dashboard.

    Do you know how can i do it ?

    Here are parameters :

    Name:  params.jpg
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    Thank's a lot

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    Try this :

    function f(){'..../bookmarkState=...%22params%22%3A%7B%22IN_release_param%22%3A'+IN_release_param+'%2C%22IN_epic_param%22%3A%22'+IN_epic_param+'%22%2C%22IN_type_param%22%3A%22'+IN_type_param+'%22%2C%22IN_RQ_param%22%3A%22'+IN_RQ_param+'%22%2C%22IN_dep%22%3A%22'+IN_dep+'%22%2C%22IN_squad%22%3A%22'+IN_squad+'%22%2C%22IN_id%22%3A%22'+IN_id+'%22%2C%22IN_owner%22%3A%22'+IN_owner+'%22%7D%7D');
    Check with a button func alert() for exemple

    See you

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