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Thread: CloseIT SAS reader - new PDI plugin

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    Default CloseIT SAS reader - new PDI plugin


    I want to introduce you new plugin "CloseIT SAS reader" developed by our company and based on Parso library (

    As obvious, it is intended for reading SAS files (.sas7bdat) and have features like:

    • support for compressed SAS files
    • column order independence (if column order in sas file is changed, than no config update in plugin is neccesary)
    • column renaming

    You can find more on .

    GitHub repo:

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    we've added a new feature - optional columns. When the input SAS data set is delivered from outside, it will likely be in the incorrect format for different reasons. Columns can be reordered (that's why our step is independent on the column order) or some columns may be missing. That's why the step checks if all defined columns are present and if not, transformation ends with error (you can in fact trigger this check by button Verify this transformation).

    On the other hand, some columns can be optional. If you mark them as optional, they will skip the presence check and they won't be included in the output row.

    In order to use this feature, you have to build the step from source (1.2.0-SNAPSHOT). We would also like to hear your opinion on the step. Do you use it in your project? Do you find it better than default SAS input step? Do you have any idea for new features? You can directly help us with development on GitHub or just give us your input. Thanks.


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