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Thread: Is it possible to execute a backup from PDI?

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    Default Is it possible to execute a backup from PDI?


    I'm using MariaBD 10.1 and I'm wondering if I can execute a backup from PDI.

    Is only allowed by "Run SSH" Command? Because it throw me an error when I tried to connect to the server, same server (ip) that is below.

    Normally I run the MariaDB Command Prompt this:

    mysqldump -h IP -u root -p BDNAME > C:\Users\...\backupName.sql

    Any other idea to do that? or how can I fix my error?


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    Technically, you don't have to run mysqldump on the DB server, albeit it might be desirable.

    If only we knew that error you encountered...
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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