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Thread: Pentaho 7: I can't load a Mondrian Schema using PUC

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    Default Pentaho 7: I can't load a Mondrian Schema using PUC

    The problem is when I use the PUC to load a mondrian Schema Analysis It doesn't appear in the datasource list, it works fine if i load it using Schema Workbench publish option.

    I cannot use Schema Workbench in production because pentaho login is managed by a centralized CAS.

    I don't receive any error message in the PUC neither the pentaho.log or catalina.out files.

    Somebody have a clue about how to solve this?
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    Usually pentaho.log will indicate some error when you try to create a new report. Can you attempt to create a new report to see if you have any entries? Does your schema contain the less than "<" symbol like in a calculated measure?

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    The schema is fine because if we upload it using Workbench it works perfectly. There are no error of any kind in pentaho.log or catalina.out.
    Something werid is that when I upload the report using Schema Workbench, they appear double in Datasource Manager.
    I opened a JIRA for this matter.

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    I guess I have the same problem. I cannot upload mondrian schema file (Mondrian 3) using PUC - Pentaho (also tried latest snapshot 7.1-20170313.151841-66). There is no error or warning message logged in pentaho.log (mondrian logging turned on) or catalina.out. No such a problem in Pentaho 5 or Pentaho 6.

    The problem might be when schema name (e.g. <Schema name="test">) is different from file name (e.g. test2.xml). I was able to import only schemas with matching schema name and file name.

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    Nice discovery. I'll let them know in the JIRA I opened for this matter. I'll change my schemas to fill this request as a workaround.

    Thanks mzarada!

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    Hi the same problem here... any news about workaround?


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    This was fixed in 7.1 from this JIRA

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    Actually it's fixed in 8.0:

    The workaroud is filename MUST be same as <Schema name=""/> inside the file:

    For example:
    Filename: mySchema.xml or (mySchema.mondrian.xml) -> <Schema name="mySchema"/>

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