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Thread: table input metadata injection connection info

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    Default table input metadata injection connection info

    why isn't the database connection available to populate from the meta-data injection interface to the input table step?

    I would like to run same logic over multiple sql extracts whose tables resides on different databases.

    I was hoping to pass in the sql stmt and the database connection info from a source file.

    In lieu of being able to do that using meta-data injection, any alternate suggestions? greatly appreciated. thx.

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    Please read the documentation on Variables and Parameters.
    They do exactly what you are describing.

    Specifically: use a Parameter/Variable for the DB Hostname/IP, Username, Password
    Then you can use the same Input step to access different DBs

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    yeah, thanks gutlez, was hoping to re-use info (database connection definitions) already available. but can implement managing params.

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    Just adjust the DB Connection information.

    Hostname is currently something along the lines of DBHost.your.domain
    Change it to ${DBHost} which you can then declare as a parameter to your transformation.
    Repeat for things like Username, Password, Port, DBName.
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    I have this working until I run into a database where ssl has been implemented. (options tab of database connection info - ssl and sslfactory parameters are set).
    Any way to set these "at run time"?

    thx gutlez

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