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Thread: Pentaho to Jedox ?

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    Default Pentaho to Jedox ?

    Hello to all,
    I'm trying to use features about Jedox steps but I'm in difficult becouse nothing happens and works.
    Jedox vers. 7 and Pentaho PDI vers. 7

    Anybody has the right .jar to use ? Need I install or copy something else ?

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    Everywhere I look I'm told to find palojlib*.jar in the Jedox installation folder and put it in the Kettle lib folder.

    What exactly is your problem?
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Hello Marabu,

    Main problem is the connection setting.
    Jedox web is running on

    On connection within PDI 7.0 I've set
    Host name:
    Database: Demo
    Port # : 7777
    User : admin
    Psw : admin

    If I try the connection using the button Test of PDI Connection the system goes stucked.

    Attached file I added under \lib and the working connection to 127.0.01:7777 ---> It says Access denied... ????
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    Hello... is nobody able to make it work ???

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