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Thread: Table output problem with postgress

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    Default Table output problem with postgress

    We have a carte service running which uses 'Table output' to insert records into a postgress database.

    After some time the 'table output' hangs on a commit.
    This commit will continue after several minutes (around 10 minutes).

    We need to solve this problem.

    Before the 'Table output' step we have a 'Sort step'.
    If we remove the 'Sort step' we don't have any problem.
    We need the 'Sort', because we need to 'Merge' records before the 'Output', so removing the 'Sort' is not possible.

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    I just wonder how many rows are involved and what your batch size might be.
    Did you check the Postgres logfile for what's happening during those 10 minutes?
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    The amount of rows is 500.000 and the batch size is 1000
    The Postgres logfiles tells us that it got inserts but no commit.

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