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Thread: Parse the Master Card XML file using the XSD

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    Default Parse the Master Card XML file using the XSD

    I need assistance in parsing the xml file for the master card credit card format as per the specification document. the document is in a CDF XML format. I have an XSD that could be used to validate the xml file. I need ideas on how can i achieve this parsing and eventually output data into a database?
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    Use job entry XSD-Validator to validate an XML document.
    You'll need a transformation for parsing the document, but you have a choice:
    The DOM Parser (Get-Data-From-XML) will build the object model in memory, so you can access nodes via XPath.
    Large documents may exhaust the available memory, though.
    In that case you may want to turn to the streaming parser XML-Input-Stream.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Thank You for your prompt reply. These guidelines really helps me on how to get started on the file reading process. Few questions here.

    1. On the job entry(XSD-Validator) i only see an input for an xsd file and an xml file. How do i know if my validation was successful or even output any data after the validation step?
    2. Parsing the data using Transformation (XML Input Stream) to avoid timeout on large data sets, do i need to specfiy every single tag that is on my xml file input? or how do i supply the xml file to this step in particular?

    I am fairly new to using this tool so any suggestions are most welcomed.

    Thank You.

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    You can control the execution path in a job through the hops connecting the job entries.
    For almost every transformation step there is a demo you can study - browse your Kettle installation folder (subfolder samples).
    Also, your project might benefit from you reading one of the Kettle eBooks available.
    Last not least there's an abundance of case studies you can harvest using Google site search.

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    thank you.
    i was able to read the data from the file as expected. I now need to import all that data into the database. The issue i am having here is that my data is well structured per line with all the corresponding matching data aligned within the line.

    For Example:
    userID1-->TransactionID1-->car details-->rentaildetails-->airlinedeails...etc
    UserID1-->TransactionID2-->car details-->rentaildetails-->airlinedeails...etc

    I am trying to import the above data into multiple tables, one each for rentail, car, airline etc using the same transactionID and UserID that way i have a relation between the data and the user.

    I am at the Get Data From XML (transformation entry) where i have all the data ready to send to the next step. I need guidance on how can i post this data per user per transaction per type to multiple tables?

    Thank You.

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