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Thread: Microsoft Excel Writer - filename is from previous step

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    Default Microsoft Excel Writer - filename is from previous step


    I have transformation:

    Table-Input => Sort-Rows => Get-Variables => Formula => Text-File-Output

    (Get-Variables takes ${Internal.Entry.Current.Directory} and Formula create field "FullDataFile" (directory_name+filename) ...part of filename is date. Text-File-Output use field "FullDataFile" as filename so transformation creates files like 103_2011212.txt... 104_2011212.txt...105_2011212.txt with subset of data)

    It works.
    But I want to produce Excel format as output.

    I think I cannot use Microsoft-Excel-Writer in same transformation since for some reason I cannot set and read variables in same transformation. So I probably need job:

    Start => transformation[Table-Input => Sort-Rows => Get-Variables => Formula => Text-File-Output =>Copy-Rows-To-Result] => Job or Transformation that will save to Excel

    It works but creates just one file - "FullDataFile" will always contain last row value....

    How can I deal with this?

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    I modified the transformation to:

    Table-Input => Sort-Rows => Get-Variables => Formula => Modified Java Script Value => Text-File-Output

    with code:
    var strVarName="FullDataFile";
    var strVarValue=FullDataFile;
    setVariable(strVarName,strVarValue, "r");

    And it works partialy - FullDataFile keeps just one value. Should I destoy variable in some way each pass and create new one?

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