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Thread: UNC in param to Kitchen

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    Default UNC in param to Kitchen


    I'm trying to setup a Kitchen command to run my job. The params I'm passing are paths, and I want to pass them using UNC.

    When I pass the param using UNC:

    kitchen.bat "/file:"C:\Users\foxburn\Documents\Reports\PDI\ReportAutomation.kjb" "/param:file_share=\\hmic.local\Resources\Reports\Dev1\GLBalancing" "/param:report_list_location=\\hmic.local\Resources\Reports\Dev1\GLBalancing\Files\Input"

    I get the following error:
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    Is there some “trick” to using UNC in this context? Or am I just doing it wrong?



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    I've found UNC to not be reliable in PDI.
    Where ever possible, I replace it with a Map, PDI, Unmap sequence.

    You could try (No promises that it will work!)

    kitchen.bat "/file:"C:\Users\foxburn\Documents\Reports\PDI\ReportAutomation.kjb" "/param:file_share=file://hmic.local/Resources/Reports/Dev1/GLBalancing/" "/param:report_list_location=file://hmic.local/Resources/Reports/Dev1/GLBalancing/Files/Input"

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