Hello, I am pretty new to Pentaho. I have a task of executing the pentaho binary file (*.ktr). KTR has the following steps :
1. GenerateRows : It has 'URL' field which stores webservice endpoint.
2. RestClient: It reads URL from previous step and has other details like headers, 'GET' method, etc..
3. JSONInput: It receives json response from previous step (result field). Under Fields tab of this step it is configured like

Name Path
ID $..id
SKU $..sku

Above both fields are set to String type.

4. SelectValues: It tries to select ID, SKU from previous step.

When we save this KTR and executes through PDI tool, it shows the result properly for each step.

Error: When we execute this ktr file using Java, its throwing the error: ERROR 9348 --- [- Select values] .d.k.KettleToCommonsLoggingEventListener : Select values - Couldn't find field 'ID' in row!

Below is the java code to run the ktr file.
String ktr = "file:" + sharedDir.getPath() + "\\WebService72501.ktr";


TransMeta metadata = new TransMeta(ktr);

Trans trans = new Trans(metadata);

// Execute the transformation


Kindly help me, Thanks.