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Thread: Trying to change marker color based on data value

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    Lightbulb Trying to change marker color based on data value

    Hello - Perhaps you can help me with this... I'm trying to color the map markers based on the value of a data column, I've called it fill.
    See the attached zip file with my CDA/CDE/CDFDE - everything is self-contained, data is being returned from a scriptable component.
    There are three possible values for "fill" and I'd like a different color for each. Can someone look at what I put together and say where I've gone wrong?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance!
    - Russell
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    I never do that. Perhaps you can get help from this thread.
    I hope

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    Thank you, Luciano, I appreciate the link.

    I found the answer - here are the details:

    The answer is that in the PreExecution code we need to identify the column to be used to drive the color. It's called the fill column. This code does that:
    // Specify the column to be used for the fill value - the third one
    // which is numBikes. Remember zero-based counting.
    this.visualRoles = {
    fill: 2

    // Get the value of the "fill" column (injuryCode) and color code based on it
    this.attributeMapping.fill = function(context, seriesRoot, mapping, row) {
    var value = row[ mapping.fill];

    if (_.isNumber(value)) {
    if( value == 1) { return "yellow"; }
    else if( value == 2) { return "blue"; }
    else return "red";

    The visualRoles specifies which column maps to the fill column, in my case it's column 2. Once the map component has that, we can check for the value and set the color appropriately. Strictly speaking, because I named the column fill I don't need to specify the visualRoles - however in my updated version I named the column numBikes, which is more reflective of what it is, and then I do need to specify that column as the fill.

    - rlm

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    I'm glad that helped

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