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Thread: How to make the tipvalue of all parts of stack show up together in ccc-Barchart?

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    Thumbs up How to make the tipvalue of all parts of stack show up together in ccc-Barchart?

    It's been a long time since I've been puzzled by the tooltip problem of stack graphs in CCC barchart.
    I want to make the tipvalue of all parts of stack show up together in ccc-Barchart.
    Please refer to the attachment.

    For example,
    the default tooltip is undivided, like:
    part one

    date Oct01
    channel one
    cost 100

    part two

    date Oct01
    channel two
    cost 200

    part three

    date Oct01
    channel three
    cost 300

    But I need the effect just like:

    date Oct01
    channel-one-cost 100
    channel-two-cost 200
    channel-three-cost 300

    I just need to know how to get the value of all the parts of the stack,no matter which part the mouse hovering.

    The function below just returning the value of the part of the mouse which hovering

    var channel = scene.atoms.series.label;
    var date = scene.atoms.category.value;
    var costs = scene.vars.value.value;


    I've been searching on pentaho forums for a long time, but there's no result.
    Thanks so much!
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    This is how I solved this issue in my case: I don't know if there is a more simpler way.

    1- use a Query Component with:
    Datasource: SELECT date, channel, cost FROM ...
    Result Var: varDataArray
    HtmlObject: (empty)

    2- Stacked bar chart with:
    Datasource: (the DS needed to generate the stacked bar chart)
    priority: a value greater (lower priority) than the priority of Query Component
    { var data,dy,dt,ch,co;
    dy=scene.vars.category.value; // the day of interest
    // now the data you need is in the array
    // you can build a <div> tag as you like, e.g in mydiv variable
    for (ix=0; ix<data.length; ix++)
    { dt=data[ix][0];
    return mydiv;

    In this way the data used to feed the tooltip is decoupled from the data used to feed the bar chart
    Hope this may help

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