Here's the scenario:

- There are several Linux VPS machines with 512MB ram.
- For security reasons, they can't be "merged" into just one big machine.
- They are intending to automate small tasks: Eg: save webservice's response on database, do some statistics and send an email report hourly.
- PDI53 is running fine under these conditions.

I'd like to upgrade to PDI71, but there is a problem: it takes 3 times more memory, just to get opened.

I've already tried:
- Restricted the amount of memory on PENTAHO_DI_JAVA_OPTIONS
- Deleted unused plugin folders: Eg: pentaho-big-data-plugin, pdi-salesforce-plugin, etc

The question is:
Beyond that, what else can be done on PDI71 settings in order to make it less memory hungry?

Thank you