Previously I had successfully embedded several CDE dashboards in my application using an iframe pointing to src="http://ipaddress:7080/pentaho/api/repos/Dashboard.wcdf/generatedContent?userid=admin&password=password"

This was working fine and my users where happy with Pentaho.

Then I had to configure pentaho behind a reverse proxy in order that all requests be under the application base address, let say this address is ipaddress:8080/base.

Therefore I configured apache as a reverse proxy, adding the folowing in the httpd.conf:

<IfModule proxy_http_module>
ProxyRequests Off
ProxyPass /base/pentaho http://localhost:7080/pentaho
ProxyPassReverse /base/pentaho http://localhost:7080/pentaho
ProxyPass /base/pentaho-style http://localhost:7080/pentaho-style
ProxyPassReverse /base/pentaho-style http://localhost:7080/pentaho-style

Here the pentaho server is listening on port 7080, as indicated in tomcat server.xml:

<Connector URIEncoding="UTF-8" port="7080" protocol="HTTP/1.1" connectionTimeout="20000" redirectPort="8443" />

and the apache server is listening on port 8080.

Doing that I was able to access the pentaho login page as ipaddress:8080/base/pentaho/ (although redirection to the pentaho main page after login was not working).

Then I reconfigured the iframe to point to src="/base/pentaho/api/repos/Dashboard.wcdf/generatedContent?userid=admin&password=password"

However this is not working as expected. I get a basic authorization dialog box instead of the dashboard. The dialog box prompts to enter credentials with the following message:

http://ipaddress:8080 is requesting your username and password. The site says: “Pentaho Realm”

I need help to solve this issue:
a) Why is this happening? Anything wrong with the configuration? Anything missing?
b) How to avoid the authentication step
c) What credentials is the dialog box asking for?

Many thanks in advance for your help. I have been searching for an answer in this forum and google with no success.

Best Regards.