I am using webservie as a datasource[from my prpt file I will hit one webservice url] for my report ,from the response of the webservice I will build my report.
to hit webservice and build the report pentaho internally using groovy script.


At the time of hitting the webservice,webservice will be expecting some headers for authentication purpose.I know we can set the headers by using properties file but
in my case, I should not use properties file, so is there any other way to do this??

Groovy script with properties file:

final String FILE_PATH = "C:\\Users\\Desktop\\application.properties";
def props = new Properties()
new File(FILE_PATH).withInputStream {
stream -> props.load(stream)

def ARIS = new RESTClient("http://localhost:4000")

ARIS.headers['header1'] =props["header1"]