Hi guys,

I'm new to using REST Client in PDI, and I have an issue.

I hace a working flow to provide all the information to the rest client to send a Notification to an Android App.
Basically I connect to an Api to APIGEE.

I was trying to see how many notifications I could send per second so I didn't affect the performance of the services. They say I should get near 30 TPS.
I have a txt file that is the input for notification, 300K rows of user IDs, and the message that should appear in the message.

I add a Delay Row to be sure that I could control the flow of rows, but when I tested with a small file (1.5k rows), the Node "Rest Client" only processed 2 records x second.

We have a corporate solution that sends almost 10 tps , so I know that my flow is the issue.

Is there a way that I can troubleshoot to improve the performance of the node?
Or to split the flow to improve the over all performance of the sending process?