Has anyone got any hints and tips for performing a manual/scripted installed that will use an AWS RDS instance of postgresql as the repository?

From inspection I dont think the sql install scripts will work
In pentaho-server-ce- the following are supplied

create_jcr_postgresql.sql create_quartz_postgresql.sql create_repository_postgresql.sql


the master user system account that you create is assigned to the rds_superuser role. The rds_superuser role is a pre-defined Amazon RDS role similar to the PostgreSQL superuser role (customarily named postgres in local instances), but with some restrictions. As with the PostgreSQL superuser role, the rds_superuser role has the most privileges on your DB instance and you should not assign this role to users unless they need the most access to the DB instance.

Can someone share how they have got AWS RDS postgresql configured to work with Pentaho?