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Thread: Dashboard Designer - link chart to data table

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    Default Dashboard Designer - link chart to data table

    Hello everyone,
    I'm trying in Dashboard Designer to link a chart to a data table,
    I configured the chart and it works. I've enabled the filed linking the "Content linking" tab of the chart properties pane.

    Then, in the data table, I set up one of its parameters to use as source the field coming from the chart.
    But when I click on the chart nothing happen. It seems the click is ignored/not captured.
    The chart is rendered using Open Flash Chart 2.

    I tried different kinds of charts (i.e., pie, bar, horizontal bar, etc) and also different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge), but it never works.
    If instead of the chart I use another data table anything works fine.

    Has anyone some advice because the content linking is not working?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You are using the EE edition of Pentaho. When you are a client of Pentaho you can also ask to the Pentaho support

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    Yes, you are true.
    But Pentaho EE is provided me by a third company, thus I should ask them because I'm not a direct Pentaho customer.
    Thus I asked here, that, I think, it is more reliable and fast.

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