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Thread: SFTP Put.0 - Source filename fieldname is missing!

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    Default SFTP Put.0 - Source filename fieldname is missing!

    I'm a new user of PDI (Kettle). I'm using Community Edition 7.1 and teaching myself the tool. I'm attempting to create simple a transformation that pulls data from a MySQL database (Table Input step), puts it into a CSV (Text File Out put step), then drops that CSV to an SFTP folder (SFTP Put step).
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    When I run the transformation, I get an error in the SFTP Put step, "SFTP Put.0 - Source filename fieldname is missing!"

    I specified the filename in the previous step.

    The SFTP Put step has a dropdown for source file name which lists the fields from my Table Input step.
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    There's no documentation on the SFTP Put step in the Pentaho Community Wiki. Here's my question: if the SFTP Put step needs to get the filename of my CSV from a field in that dropdown, how do I do this?


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    Create CSV and SFTP Put each will process every single row, i.e. with a SQL result set holding a thousand rows, SFTP Put will transfer that much files.
    There's an elegant solution to your problem, and lots of others, too.
    The elegant one is to let Text-File-Output deliver the file to the SFTP server.
    An alternative would be to use a Kette variable to hold the filename and do the file transfer on the job level.

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    Thank you for the suggestion. I was attempting to use the SFTP Put step at the transformation level instead of the Put A File with SFTP step at the job level. Once I made this change, I was able to successfully complete the transformation.

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