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Thread: Produce a sigle PDF file with several pages

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    Default Produce a sigle PDF file with several pages

    Hi all
    I am thinking about using Pentaho kettle combined with the Pentaho Reporting Output to obtain a list of order summaries from our DB and produce the order pdf template we need to send with each shipment.

    The idea is, for each order to obtain the header of the order to include in the PDF template , and also the order detail (list of products and prices).

    We would like to have only one PDF file produced but with several pages, each page for each individual order. So at the end the PDF file produced should be sent by mail.

    Do you think this approach is possible with Pentaho Kettle, or not?, if so could you please point me to any documentation or example?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    I can't point you in the right direction on how to do it (Though I recommend a thorough reading of the PacktPub books)
    Yes, you can do this with PRD and with BI server (from what I recall)

    The report would generate the PDF with the multiple pages, and in the scheduling of that report on the BI server, it would email it to the appropriate person.
    You *could* even do something fancy where you feed a client ID and an email address into the Reporting Output Step, which would run the report, and then gets emailed to the email address.

    All of these things are possible in the Pentaho stack.

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