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Thread: Anyone else running PDI aka spoon.bat on production boxes

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    Default Anyone else running PDI aka spoon.bat on production boxes

    We have always run our ETL through scripts such as the one below. We install PDI on the server and run windows scheduled tasks. Have been doing this for the past 8+ years with zero issues

    "E:\pdi-ee-\pdi-ee\data-integration\kitchen.bat" /rep:"TESTREPO" /job:"SEND SALARY NOTIFICATIONS" /dir:/"xx/xxxxx" /user:xx /pass:xxx /level:Basic

    Recently, we were told that this is the incorrect way and totally unsupported. The only way a production environment can be set up and supported is to run the entire Pentaho Server e.g. Apache Tomcat and Pentaho Server (running as services of course on Windows). We were also told that running a Database repository is also unsupported. I use an Oracle backend for my repository. I must use the Pentaho Repository to obtain support.

    My question to those out there is "Who runs their ETL by only installing the PDI (client tool) on their servers and executes their jobs either through windows or some other schedulers".

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    Hi dbogey,

    It looks like you have Enterprise (and thus supported) version. I think that's why they say you need to run tomcat etc, otherwise if you ask for help, they could refuse.

    For us, I run the CE version with a MySQL repository - no tomcat etc. Running the CE version you are pretty much on your own (apart from this forum) anyways. Have been running like this for years.

    It would be interesting what other are doing/opinions.

    PDI 8.0.0
    MySQL - 5.6.27
    Redshift - 1.0.1485
    PostgreSQL 8.0.2
    OS - Ubuntu 10.04.2

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    I ran PDI directly on a headless Linux box for a long time, using cron, Kitchen, and Pan to run things. Worked really smoothly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gutlez View Post
    I ran PDI directly on a headless Linux box for a long time, using cron, Kitchen, and Pan to run things. Worked really smoothly.
    I'm thinking a lot of people run it your way. We do not use any other products e.g. reports, analyzer.... so scheduling kitchen fits the bill perfectly!
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    I use spoon for development and kitchen on production server as a stand-alone service on linux. Not even sure what a database repository is.

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    +1 Kitchen and Pan with cron on Linux and no repository. Production is still in 6.1, but my tests with Pentaho 8 have worked smoothly.
    OS: Ubuntu 16.04 64 bits
    Java: Openjdk 1.8.0_131
    Pentaho 6.1 CE

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    Guys, the thread owner (EE user) seems to be worried, that his support contract "suddenly" covers server based installations only, i.e. DI-Server in connection with Pentaho Repository.

    He's looking for other EE users and their support experience with a similar setup like his, I understand.

    There's no doubt, that an external scheduler and kitchen with a filesystem-based repository work for him and most of us.

    Am I wrong?
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Marabu - We are not using filesystem-based repository but use the "Database Repository" as shown in the pic. What's concerning is the word "unsupported" and "not recommended for production use". I use the Database Repository and keep all my Pentaho data in an Oracle 12c database (I'm also a DBA and have been for awhile now so I find it easier to keep it in a database). I don't like the idea of the Pentaho repository since I cannot dig into the details of Jobs, Transformations, and Steps which I do on occasion to find that odd step that's using the wrong file share.
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    I knew about your use of Oracle from your opening post.
    I just had a feeling it's not that important because of your use of the phrase "is also unsupported" - and most CE users use version controlled filesystem-based repositories, I guess.
    So you don't use any EE feature, but you like to have support as in "here is the latest and greatest bug fixed version you can download without waiting for the next GA release".
    Now, what exactly does unsupported mean in your case?

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    When it comes to Support, typically they may just require you to export your PDI job to the filesystem, and then execute it there, so that they can rule out the Database Repository being the source of the issue. Sometimes it may slip the support agent's mind, so you may just want to do that as a first step before engaging support, in order to avoid the whole "unsupported feature" conversation.

    If a bug still exists when using the filesystem (no repository), they'll treat it like any other issue and help you through it.

    If it exists only when using the Database Repository, I'd hope that they still help identify the cause of the issue and file a bug report if needed. The only limitation then is that you don't know when a database repository bug might be fixed, as they may or may not consider it at the same level as if it were a filesystem-based or Pentaho Repository-based issue.

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