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Thread: How to end transformation after a condition?

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    Question How to end transformation after a condition?

    I want to have a check on if a table is filled. Since I miss a step that checks on that (I can check on if a table or column exists, not if it's filled?), I do a Table Input with a count on the table. After that I do a Switch / Case or a Filter Rows to either do the rest of the transformation or do nothing. For the empty table result I use a Dummy Step. Now if I run the transformation and the table is empty, the Switch / Case or Filter works fine and goes to the Dummy step. Just the transformation keeps running the other steps, that never get any feed. How can I make a good conditional start for the transformation that ends with I find an empty table? Which step can I use as an 'end'? als try Abort, but that leads to an error as result, which I don't want.

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    You need to handle conditional execution of a transformation at the Job level, not the transformation level.

    *ALL* steps in a transformation start at the same time, and run as soon as they are able to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Invisi View Post
    I can check on if a table or column exists, not if it's filled?
    Sure you can, the job entry you're looking for is named Evaluate-rows-number-in-a-table.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Thank you, this one works indeed the way I need. I see I have to add a dummy entry for 'error' as well for a job success result.

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