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Thread: Read XML from WS Lookup

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    Default Read XML from WS Lookup

    I used the example Annotated SOAP WS call and tried to make the same, but only with WS Lookup (don't want JS scripts ).

    I have this .wsdl and I'm trying the VerifyEmail Operation.

    I add an input(email and licenseKey) and an output (i click "Get Fields" and generates: )

    Name WS Name WS Type
    VerifyEmailResult VerifyEmailResult ReturnIndicator

    The output i get is a .xml just like this:
    HTML Code:
    <VerifyEmailResult xmlns="" xmlns:xsd=""
       <ResponseText>User Not Found</ResponseText>
    How can i parse this .xml? I tried "get data from xml" step and i always get an error in the loop xpath.
    I want the values from ResponseText, ResponseCode and GoodEmail.

    Thank you.

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    When you press button "Get XPath nodes" on the Content tab of Get-Data-From-XML, Kettle suggest /*[name()='VerifyEmailResult'] as your Loop XPath.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    To me that button tells me to provide a XML fragment. If i put /*[name()='VerifyEmailResult'], it gives a prolog error.

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    I just posted the whole document you gave in your opening post.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    It worked. What did the calculator do? Generated XML from the WS lookup response?

    Also, to me, it was necessary to write myself the loop xpath and its fields. Shouldn't it be only with the buttons?

    Anyway, thank you my good sir

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    My use of the Calculator step is only to retrieve the XML document from the note element.

    Of course, you can specify XPath expressions without the help of the buttons.
    They are just a convenience feature.

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    I tried your example without the calculator and it works perfectly too.

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