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Thread: Automatically create (or drop and recreate) a SQL table before exporting to SQL?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SQLista View Post
    Except I never get to what you call the System Execution phase. You have made some incorrect assumptions about my workflow. I am not working in a production database. I have a local Microsoft SQL Server Express server on my machine, which I use as a "scratchpad" database. In summary, every project is pretty much independent and stand-alone; I receive some data from a third-party, cleansing and analysing it. It's a very iterative, trial-and-error process: I receive this data, cleanse the field I need, run some analyses, then maybe realise I need to cleanse 5 or 6 more fields, etc. I do not need most of the fields so cleansing all of them is not the best use of my time. Once a project is completed, the new one will be different.
    If the columns you are "cleansing" are not changing types, then using the "Truncate Table" option of Table Output is exactly what you are looking for - it will empty out the table that you have aleady created.

    The SQL button in the Table Output Step will tell you what needs to change in your DB in order to be compatible with your incoming stream -- so if the table does not exist, it will suggest building one.

    It's really THAT simple.

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    Just for feature completeness: You can configure a SQL script into the Database Connection (Advanced section) that is executed right after the connection is established.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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