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Thread: CSV File Input Step (Multiple copies) drops rows

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    Default CSV File Input Step (Multiple copies) drops rows

    Attached is a simplified transformation that use field in a CSV Input Step to lookup rows in a Data Grid step.
    I notice when CSV Input step is set to run multiple copies greater than 4 in parallel, rows are dropped in pdi 6 (I guess this uses inner join for stream lookup) but nulls lookup values are returned in pdi 8 (I guess this uses outer join).
    In summary, 10 rows from CSV Input step (5 copies to start) returns 9 rows after stream lookup.
    However, if CSV copies to start is less than 5, no rows are dropped. Any one experienced this?

    P.S. I have attached a simple text file instead of a csv since i'm unable to upload .csv files. Please change file extension before running transformation
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